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Arms and Armour.


European and Eastern weaponry, armour, de-activated fire arms, uniforms and related accoutrements.

Arms and Armour
Antique Books and Manuscripts
Books and Manuscripts.


First edition, rare books, authors' manuscripts and signed editions. Documents relating to influential authors and people of note.

Ceramics and Glass.


Pottery, porcelain and glass from around the world, whether intended for practical or decorative purposes.

Ceramics & Glass
Classic Cars
Classic Cars.


Our automobile expert is able to value classic, vintage and veteran cars as well as a host of accessories such as mascots, trophies and parts.



The clocks we handle vary enormously in their appearance and mechanical construction, whether carriage, skeleton, wall, bracket or long case.

Coins, Stamps and Medals
Coins, Stamps and Medals.


Coins, medals and stamps from around the world, including rare modern items as well as ancient specimens.

Fine Stringed Instruments.


Violins, Violas, Cello, harps and bows of superior quality created by antique and modern craftsmen.

Fine Stringed Instruments
European Works of Art
European Works of Art.


A wide range of objects such as bronze and marble statues, garden ornaments, carved walking sticks and inkwells 



Antique as well contemporary designer furniture, ranging from the modern classic Eames Lounge Chair to a 19th century bookcase.

Antique furniture


Our jewellery department typically handles valuable non costume jewellery. We specialise in gold and silver items as well as valuable stones.



Quality metal items from all historical and artistic periods. Of particular interest are pewter, brass and copper items.



Historic, naval, yachting and sea faring items such as models, figure heads, trophies and scrimshaw.

Modern Design.


Smart, modern, bespoke furniture and decorative items produced by innovative and renowned designers since the Second World War.

Modern Design
Oriental and Asian Art
Oriental and Asian Art.


Particularly objects originating from China, India and Japan. Works created in metal, ivory and ceramic items.



Oil paintings, watercolours and drawings. Works by established and accomplished artists of any genre and style.

Prints and Multiples
Prints and Multiples.


Signed and limited edition prints and multiples by artists with an established history.

Rock, Pop and Film Memorabilia.


Objects from popular culture of historical importance, such as costumes, photographs and film props.

Rock, Pop and Film Memorabilia
Scientific instruments & specimens
Scientific Instruments and Specimens.


Scientific items such as antique medical objects, fossils, geographical and natural specimens.

Silver and Vertu.


Pure and plated silver items, as well as specialist objects such as snuff boxes and card cases.

Silver and Vertu
Sporting Memorabilia
Sporting Memorabilia.


High quality vintage sporting items ranging from signed football shirts to vintage golf balls.

Textiles and Carpets.


Vintage clothing, materials, designs, rugs and carpets.

Textiles and Carpets
Toys, Dolls and Teddy Bears
Toys, Dolls and Teddy Bears.


Vintage toys such as Steiff bears and german bique headed dolls, through to modern toys of the 1980s such as boxed Starwars and Transformers.



Modern, vintage and antique high quality watches and time pieces, in particular those crafted by well respected and recognised manufacturers.



High quality vintage wine and port. Our expertise ranges from the sweetest Sauterne, to the most astringent Sauvignon Blanc.



This is our category for those odd, unusual and often wonderful items that do not fit easily into any of our categories.






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