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1. Valuations



How long will my valuation take?

We aim to complete all valuations within 1 week. In practise the majority of valuations will be completed earlier than this.



Are my uploaded images and data secure?

Yes. All images and personal details are stored on a secure server, and are only accessible by members of the AntiqueVault’s staff.



Is there any limit to the number of free valuations I can have?

Absolutely not, our experts have a passion for appraisals and will be happy to view any items you wish to have valued.



How should I photograph my object?


Please see our easy to use guide to photographing antiques...  and remember as a general rule, the more photographs the easier you make our job!



I have a collection of objects I wish to have valued. Shall I send them through individually, or as one collection?


Our experts will pick up your valuations either way. If your items naturally fit into a set, it is probably best to send a valuation of the collection together. If the collection is quite varied, individual valuations are probably a better solution. There is no hard and fast rule.




2. Antique Selling



How will you sell my item?


We use a wide range of selling avenues, assessing each item's sale on an individual basis. These include private sales to dealers, collectors, and a range of auctions.



How much commission do you charge?


We charge 20% commission on the first £3,000 (minimum £50 commission). Subsequent amounts are negotiable.



Why should I pay 20% commission?


Are you aware that the average London auction house charges a 31% difference between what a buyer pays, and what you as a seller receives? Its not easy to find independent advice on where best to sell your item.


We believe that through our network of private buyers and auction houses we are able to offer an impartial service, and truly maximise your items selling value.



How long will it take you to sell my item?


There really is no hard and fast rule. In many cases a sale can be achieved in a matter of days or weeks. In other cases, to truly maximise an asset's value it can be advantageous to wait for a specialist auction, or take time to negotiate private offers. We will of course advise you of timescales during the selling process, and can tailor our service to your time constraints.



How will my item be delivered to the buyer?


We will need to take delivery of your item either before or after the sale, dependent on selling avenues. Please see our delivery section for more details.



How will I receive my payment?


Once the selling process is completed you will receive a cheque in the post for the final sale amount (minus commission and delivery charges) within days.



If I change my mind, when can I cancel the selling service?


You are free to cancel our service at no charge (other than delivery costs if the item was delivered pre-sale) at any time before you've accepted either a private offer, or the terms of an auction. After this point we will not be able to cancel your sale.




3. Loans



How do I know if my item will qualify for a loan?


Our valuation report will contain details of the suitability of your item for a loan.




4. Antique Restoration



How do I know if my item needs restoration work?


Our valuation report will contain details of any restoration needs we spot during the valuation process.



How much will it cost?


Each restoration job is individual.

Please contact us for a quote.



Who do you use for restoration work?


All restoration work will be carried out by members of the British Antique Furtniture Restorers Association (or other skilled craftsmen if appropriate).




5. Estate Valuations



How much will it cost?


All quotes for estate valuations are dependent on time and distance. We can provide a full day, half day, or shorter service.

Please contact us for a quote.


Initial estate valuation charges are negotiable if you opt to take up our selling service.




How to get your online antique valuation in 2 simple steps:



1. Photograph your item

See our photographing antiques guide for tips





2. Complete our online form

See our detailing antiques guide for tips





You will receive your free valuation report within 1 week.

See example valuation report


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