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Secured Asset Loans Online


We offer specialist arts and antiques loans, using our industry expertise to maximise your loan value.


We provide loans from £1,000 to £1,000,000 secured against antiques, art, gold, silver, jewellery, diamonds, watches and much more. We can also provide loans while items are consigned to auction.



How to apply


Apply now using our simple loan application form and one of our account managers will be in contact shortly.


Alternatively call us to discuss a loan:



0800 048 8634


Pawnbroker loans

  • Receive your funds in 24 hours

  • No credit check or income verfication

  • Free courier service

  • No early redemption fees


We loan against antiques, art, jewellery, vintage cars, gold and much more.





Loan Amount Monthy Interest
£100,000 and more 2.49%
£10,000 to £99,999 2.99%
£1,000 to £9,999 3.99%



How do our secured loan offers compare


Item Our offer Similiar offer Difference
Watch £515 £257 100% more
Diamond jewellery £501 £231 115% more


*Findings based on independent research carried out by MSS Market Research in August 2010, in a national survey of all major UK pawnbrokers.



What are the benefits of using our specialist secured loans service?


  • As art and antique experts we use our industry expertise to maximise your loan value.

  • Your item will be kept in secure storage, and dealt with by knowledgeable staff until you have finished paying back the loan.

  • There is absolutely no credit check required.

  • You can secure asset loans against your art, antiques, gold, jewellery, diamonds, watches, luxury cars and much more.

  • Using our specialist online loan service is much more discreet than a high street pawn shop.




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