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Estate Valuations



Estate valuations, private collection valuations and house clearances



Our professional valuations can be tailored to your individual needs, no matter how big or small your collection.


  • We provide you with a PDF report, as well as a printed document delivered confidentially to your door.

  • Our reports feature a precise record of all items of note, including images, details, descriptions, and value.


Initial valuation charges are negotiable if you take up our selling service as a result of our valuation.


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What are the reports suitable for?





Over time the value of antiques, art and collectables can increase significantly. No matter how large or small your collection, we can provide you with a valuation report detailing your possessions, invaluable in the event of loss, damage or theft.



Probate/inheritance tax


Should the assets of an estate need to be valued and realised on behalf of executors or beneficiaries, we can provide a full service. Starting with a professional valuation report through to collecting and selling of your assets, we believe we provide the best possible service to maximise your estate's return. We can tailor timescales to your specific needs, if urgency is required.



Family/matrimonial division


If your belongings need to be divided we can provide you with a professional and impartial service, from valuation through to selling.




Of course we can carry out collection/estate valuations to meet any of your needs, not just those outlined above.


Please contact us to discuss further details.




How to get your online antique valuation in 2 simple steps:



1. Photograph your item

See our photographing antiques guide for tips





2. Complete our online form

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You will receive your free valuation report within 1 week.

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