Gold, Silver and Precious Metals

With the value of gold, silver and precious metals skyrocketing, now is a great time to sell.

The global pandemic struck a major blow to the world economy, huge dips in stock prices and volatile share markets saw investors looking for a more secure investment option. In times of uncertainty, people often turn to the relative safety of gold, silver and precious metals.

The market for metals

The past few months have seen extraordinary market prices metal values, with gold very recently reaching a record high. The upturn in the first part of this year is clear to see on this graph showing Quarterly Gold Prices since 2005.

Demand surges for jewellery

As well as leaps in the price of gold, we have seen a big increase in the market for all types of jewellery.

Here at Antique Vault, we have seen a ravenous market for gold and platinum jewellery from clients starved of opportunities to spend their disposable income during the pandemic. We have clients who have been snapping up gold and silver items as soon as they have entered the market.

We are currently selling gold and silver items at a record rate. Demand is so high that we are even taking broken and damaged item for sale. Rarer item popular item in period styles are selling at a premium.

Whether you have a piece to sell or are looking for something new to add to your collection, talk to our team.