Private Sales

When it comes to selling antiques we are a truly independent service, utilising our network of dealers, private collectors and auction houses to maximise your asset’s selling price.

  • We sell antiques, art and Jewellery valued over £250
  • We can tailor sales to your needs
  • We handle all delivery, insurance and payment issues

How does our private selling service compare with the top London auction houses?

 Antique VaultLondon Auction Houses 
Basic Commission20%32% 
Average Sale time1-4 weeks3-6 months 
Payment termsImmediate1 month 
Insurance & handling1.5%1.5% 
Other ChargesNone– Illustration charges
– No sale charges

Our aim is to minimise the stress, hassle and risk for you the customer when it comes to selling antiques, and allow everyone to sell with the knowledge and experience of a professional behind them.

Details of our charge?

We offer a simple commission structure:

All values up to £3,000 : 20%

All subsequent amounts over £3,000 : negotiable

  • All sales will incur an industry standard 1.5% holding and insurance fee + delivery costs.

If you require an immediate sale we may offer the option of buying your item off you directly.

And what is the process?

Our team will search for the best selling opportunity for your antiques, art and collectables. They will advise one of the following paths: Selling via a Private Sale

We will arrange transportation, packaging and insurance in advance of the sale.

We will communicate all private offers to you, and advise on the best one to accept. Selling via an Auction

We will advise and take care of all auction arrangements, including reserve price.

We will arrange all transportation, packaging and insurance in advance of the auction.

You will be informed of the final hammer price as soon as the information is available to us. You will receive a cheque for the final selling price achieved (minus charges)

Please contact us to discuss selling your antiques, art or collectables.